War, War, War Revisited

22 10 2009

See Because Liz Cheney is a War Criminal too in the rogues’ gallery detailed, then proceed:

dick cheney looking scary and crazed

Liz Cheney, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, is founding a new group called “Keep America Safe” that will coordinate a campaign of fear intended to paint the President as an appeaser disinterested in protecting America.

The Cheneys have never been shy when criticizing President Obama or his foreign policy. Soon after Obama was elected, former Vice President Dick Cheney took to the airwaves to warn the country of the dire risk faced by ending the internationally-condemned practice of torture. Now, his eldest daughter Liz is creating a nonprofit aimed at making such scare tactics into a permanent campaign.

Conservative partisan and failed Iraq war prognosticator William Kristol is one of the founding members. Kristol has also called for an invasion of Iran, suggesting that perhaps this time, we will, in fact, be “greeted as liberators.”

Keep America Safe’s mission statement parrots some of Kristol’s paranoid and dubious claims. . . To Keep America Safe, apparently, requires not one or two but three simultaneous wars.

Because Dick Cheney and his spawn can’t or won’t shut up and slink off the national stage in shame, I am reposting this from April, just as urgent as ever:

War war war, fiddle-dee-dee!

Is this the only power of story conservatives get, war?
All they can talk about, the only way they can make a case for their “freedom” values and respect for “life”? WMD as WWJD?

Not just fighting with each other over literal fights in the Middle East, which you’d think would be plenty of real war and then some. But no-oo-o. We also have to re-fight themes of:

The American Civil War (States Rights over human rights; Katrina-exposed incompetence and callous disregard; Palin-inspired white supremacist pandering)

World War II followed by the Cold War (race purity and xenophobic/homophobic hunker-down demagoguery; Obama is Hitler incarnate, fascist, communist, socialist alien, seeking world government under which America would be enslaved)

and WTF, even ancient biblical wars up through The Crusades, and forward into Revelations? (Obama cast either as claiming to be the Messiah or hiding his true identity as the anti-Christ — when Hannity plays opposite as King Herod and Pontius Pilate in a dual role, can the President play both Christ and anti-Christ at the same time? )

So now the hot ticket is the American Revolution and tea party tax revolt media-sponsored “news” events, in which not-taxed tea WITH representation, is either drunk or dumped or both, to protest not-taxed income not applying to the protesters, to gin up big money for corporate lobbyists and media moguls that may indeed be taxed, but that they certainly are NOT throwing in the bay? Big surprise . . .

It occurs to me based on all this incoherence if not insanity, that universal public education was the right war. We need to win it at all costs, hope it’s not too late.



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22 10 2009

Have you heard about this group yet?
Oath Keepers Pledge to Prevent Dictatorship in US

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