Campaign in Poetry, Govern in Prose

4 11 2009

obama family election night

Matt Frei for BBC News on this first anniversary of the historic election:

The old saying that you campaign in poetry and govern in prose was only partially true for Obama.

By late summer of 2008, he had already switched to prose. The cautious and calculating pragmatist who now runs this country was beginning to unpeel himself in those heady days.

Obama is not nearly as radical as some on the right like to make out and many on the left liked to think.

Maine Repeals Gays as Human; Public School Parent Protests Gays as Animals

4 11 2009

Dan Delong of Carlinville, Ill., at teacher at Southwestern High School in the nearby town of Piasa, will face a school board hearing November 2, after being suspended from teaching. A parent of one unidentified student thought the optional reading assignment was inappropriate for her child . . .

When this and this coincide in the same week, what are kids actually learning do you think, about the values woven into America’s power of story?

The teacher’s disciplinary hearing was Monday night, and perhaps there’s a better lesson in how it ended than in how it started, a fitting lesson of today’s American president as true to yesterday’s American precedent: Read the rest of this entry »

See Google This Morning and Smile!

4 11 2009

Then call any handy family members over to share the smile.
I just did.

UPDATE: See CSM’s favorite video clips from the 40-year run. And here’s one of mine, as a sax lover: