Campaign in Poetry, Govern in Prose

4 11 2009

obama family election night

Matt Frei for BBC News on this first anniversary of the historic election:

The old saying that you campaign in poetry and govern in prose was only partially true for Obama.

By late summer of 2008, he had already switched to prose. The cautious and calculating pragmatist who now runs this country was beginning to unpeel himself in those heady days.

Obama is not nearly as radical as some on the right like to make out and many on the left liked to think.



2 responses

5 11 2009
Nance Confer

I’m not a big poetry fan but got caught up in the campaign like the rest of the (left-leaning) country. But this “prose” isn’t really being written by Obama and with so many authors it’s turning out to be a pretty awful read.


5 11 2009

Maybe there’s no elegant way to write up a mass-market sausage-making recipe. 😉

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