Pure Dead Brilliant — Jon Stewart Channels Glenn Beck

6 11 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.



5 responses

7 11 2009

Spot on. Laughed so loud I woke the kids up.

I love him.

7 11 2009

The line about “organs” conspiring did me in. 😉

9 11 2009

Yeah, you know Christopher Hitchens is not a fan of Jon’s..:) In last month’s Nation, quite a scathing critique of “his news”. Not a fan at all..which makes me think Jon’s is hitting where it hurts on conservatives!

9 11 2009

I think the more one has seen and heard of Glenn Beck, the better this is.

Do you think of Christopher Hitchens as a conservative, Betty? I dunno. Wouldn’t he heap at least as much venom on FOX’s version of “news” and if so, maybe that just makes him a sort of working class blue collar liberal, who had the advantage of a fine education, became an intellectual and got a bit snobby about it?

9 11 2009

Or put it this way — the present conservatives certainly wouldn’t have him!

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