Uh, Mom, My Glasses Fell in the Toilet. . .

30 11 2009

Things that make you laugh but you keep it inside because you are a good person who wouldn’t laugh AT your children but only WITH them, later . . .

Touseled hair, sleepy face gingerly holding said glasses with tissue, offering them up with a (still-startlingly deep to his mother) baritone mumbling, “now what?”

Son, I guess you had to put your hand in to retrieve them? Well, yeah. Okay, no problem. But why is that hand now holding the glasses with tissue, if the hand went down in the same water and needs to be cleaned right along with the glasses?

More laughter — but only on the inside!



One response

7 01 2010

This same pair of glassses broke last night at Irish dance softshoe, snapped right across the nosepiece and fell off his face. Titanium frames, mind you!

Wonder if it was the corrosive nature of the toilet water that finished them off?

I went out in 20-degree weather this morning to see what we could do to get them repaired. . . what a good mom, right? 🙂

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