We’re Off to Another Musical Audition

4 12 2009

Young Son and Favorite Daughter are both auditioning tonight for the first local production of this musical, but for Young Son it’s mostly for the experience; the men’s parts all pretty much require beard follicles as well as a man’s voice, I think. 🙂

He is singing “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” from Guys and Dolls. She is singing In His Eyes” from Jekyll & Hyde.

We have to go out in a freezing dark drizzle; wish them leg-breaking but don’t mean it! I’l report in over the weekend about how they did and later, about the casting . . .




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5 12 2009

Kids sang well and I recorded it on our new Olympus magic machine. FavD did a great reading for Clara (I thought and so did the audience of other auditioners, judging by their response) but it wasn’t the part she had expected to contend for, and I don’t know if it’s realistic. Also there are more auditions tomorrow and so who knows what university wonders might appear while we’re out finding a Christmas tree . . . more later.

5 12 2009

So the Saturday auditions just started and I’m imagining how they might be going, but I’m cozy here with championship football (GO GATORS!) and homemade roast chicken, red pepper, sweet corn, parsnip and sherry soup. With fresh dill, multi-grain homemade croutons and swiss cheese on top. (Just had a couple of bowls and tidied up; the rest is in the fridge in single serving bowls topped and ready to nuke on a whim.) And a nice fire built and ready to light, with 30 pieces of wood on the back porch to feed it.

The Christmas tree will have to be fetched by others or it will have to wait. I’m not budging again today or tonight! 😀

5 12 2009
Nance Confer

Sounds delicious!

I just went for take-out ribs and considered putting on a heavier t-shirt. 🙂

But I’m definitely joining you in not budging for a while.


5 12 2009

We are bundled up bigtime way north of you! And losing, which isn’t fun — oh well. Life is still good.

7 12 2009

So — FORGETTING FOOTBALL!! — let’s focus on the salad, er, I mean the theatre. 🙂

Favorite Daughter was indeed cast and very happy with her complex doubling plot that has her ensemble role busy through the whole show singing and dancing (in Italian, that will be a new challenge!) She’ll know more after the read-through Thursday night. First she has two finals and a term paper to wrap up. And both kids are dancing in the Irish Snow Queen the last weekend before Christmas, so full run-throughs at the theatre for that started last night.

And it’s still honest to FSM cold here, so the fragrant (as yet bare) tree sitting in the same room with me right now, will be decorated by dancing firelight.

10 12 2009
Nance Confer

Oh, that’s wonderful news! “Break a leg” to both of them.

I have been severely warned about wishing anyone good luck, of course. 🙂


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