JJ’s Got a Naughty and Nice List

18 12 2009

It’s a good thing I am not in charge, she muttered darkly . . .
Most public figures* including everyone with more money than morals would be in BIG trouble this year!

Although I heard Andre Agassi* answering some questions after a speech on NPR today and he makes the Nice list regardless of his clueless youthful excess, for honesty and modesty and public service and decent fatherhood, having reached his senior emeritas status.



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18 12 2009

Lieberman as top example of my Naughty list, as described deliciously and unerringly by Gail Collins:

Politicians switch direction all the time, but the Lieberman experience has been weird because he doesn’t seem to feel as though he’s changed. He bounds around happily, doing the talk shows, confident that he’s the same independent-minded independent who believes in independence as always.

Observers who have known him for a long time feel as though they’re living out a scene in a science-fiction movie when the guy who’s just been bitten by the vampire-moose comes home and sits down to dinner, unaware that he’s sprouting antlers.

20 12 2009
Crimson Wife

What’s with the asterisks?

21 12 2009

Christmas stars? 😉

I just wanted to except Andre Agassi from “most public figures” in a sort of bloggy footnote —

23 12 2009

Looks like I’m not original, just ahead of my time. 🙂

We Know Who’s Been Naughty — Nice Is a Little Harder to Find

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