Political Power of Story in Smacking, Hitting, Punching

28 12 2009

UPDATE August 4, 2010 at Meming of Life

Matalin to Palin: Quit Bitching, That’s Just How The GOP Treats Its Women

If someone isn’t in tears every day, that day wasn’t all it could be advancing the campaign. I once witnessed an experienced (big) man slap a professional female colleague across the face over an ad buy… and no one thought anything of it, starting with the woman. In fact, she would have been insulted if anyone told her she should have been insulted.

. . .the reason the modern GOP mindset is broadly accepting of the physical brutality Matalin shrugs off so easily, is the work of child psychologist / reactionary Christian leader James Dobson. Nearly forty years of Dobson’s abusive child-rearing strategies have produced a modern far right wing filled with smacking, punching authoritarians who learned from childhood that might alone makes right.

Legitimizing this mindset depends on enablers like Matalin, who extend the aura of civil acceptability toward violence against women and co-workers. When this violence persists, we should remember who “thinks anything about it” and who does not.

Snooking on smacking as effective:
Can you go all day without hitting a child?:

Can anyone really deny that we are perpetuating and endorsing the lesson of “might makes right” when we rule over our children using physical punishment?

Stop every kid-hitter you can — teach ’em a lesson!

Thinking about hitting and children

Child abuse is not home education:

Spankings were a minor part of the allegations. Hitting with objects and . . .in anger, yes, but there is much more to this
story than that. . .

Fear of fashion and it’s not even a man-purse!

[S]chool policy doesn’t have to be about religion–much less Christmas–to be soulless . . .
Sooner or later, unthinking policy at school or home–from labeling children to make them tolerant of differences, to hitting children to make them stop hitting, to clipping their wings to teach them to fly–achieves its own natural consequence, a new unthinking norm, normally to the detriment of the very children the stupid rules are meant to “save.”

Is your love for your kids controlling?



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28 12 2009
Crimson Wife

Hmm, I don’t think my proudly Republican DH would stand for anyone being slapped in his presence, especially a woman. The only time he believes in the use of physical violence is in defense of self or others. And messing up an ad campaign wouldn’t fall under that category…

28 12 2009

Exactly! My military officer dad too, Goldwater GOP conservative that seemed to go naturally with what I think of as modest, sensible, freedom-defending core family values, not the far right perversions we’ve been seeing {in name only} of real America and family values.

This is not my dad’s GOP.

28 12 2009

Honestly, I wonder how pervasive public woman-slapping is, even among “far right pervs” 🙂

I have noticed that, among many far right men, women aren’t taken “seriously” unless they’re “hot.” “Plucky” cases in point: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Carrie Prejean, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, etc.. I see stuff like [ http://tinyurl.com/yjzd47c ] often.

29 12 2009

True, the actual, might-makes-right physical domination in politics isn’t — yet — pervasive, but I’d argue the power of story behind domination belief sure is. (Big surprise, JJ focusing on power of story again!)

Forget what the last decade has seen from actual, literal conservative control beliefs in politics at home and abroad: the Taliban; military chickenhawks; execution and assassination justified for protecting one’s own safety; raping female colleagues in the field a la corporate contracts for black ops; homophobic scapegoating; condoning torture as “intelligence.” Let’s talk about not-wacko-not-fringe! Even when men are being aggressive with each other and not the wimminfolk, it’s about sex. I worked in the political realm as a young female professional. Humans are sexual creatures so there is CONSTANT sex-charged behavior in the political workplace from both men and women, in instinct, thought, word and deed, in every tone, toss of the head, trip to the closet and/or woodshed (literal or figurative.)

The whole abortion debate is about sex at every level, not just literal life and death biology, but sociobiology — men controlling women (and children) politically and economically and then using all that power over women and children, to fight for domination over other men in political warfare . . .

That’s all even when we’re not literally slugging each other, but remember it does get physically abusive too — you can’t watch cable news without seeing literal physical sex-fighting too

So yes, the battle of the sexes is actually, literally played by different rules and the conservative dominionist rules as one canon despite individual deviations, are backward, brutish rules that affect everything, for all of us.

29 12 2009

We battle only because women won’t acknowledge their limits.

29 12 2009
Crimson Wife

If the abortion debate is about “men controlling women”, then why is support for legalized abortion higher among males than among females? 64% of women in a recent poll on the subject believe most abortions are morally wrong, a view shared by just 51% of men. Among the folks I know who are pro-Life, the women tend to be more staunchly opposed to abortion (often as a result of having become mothers).

29 12 2009

I don’t pretend to understand why some women want to control other women, unless it is to please the paternal sensibility (human and/or divine) . . .

30 12 2009

CW: “Why is support for legalized abortion higher among males than among females?”

That’s an easy one. The home is one of the few places where many women are given any influence or respected status whatsoever. It’s where being a helpmeet is a badge of honor; bearing children and keeping the home (and homeschooling?) are sacred assignments given to women by God. Women have always been active (even lead) participants in securing their own secondary status. Just look at groups like Concerned Women for America – and popular conservative Christian speakers, such as Kay Arthur, Beverly LaHaye, Kay Warren, Joyce Meyer, Janet Parshall, Janet Folger….

30 12 2009

Makes sense to me.

30 12 2009
Crimson Wife

While I’ve always been opposed to abortion, I didn’t always feel that strongly about the issue. Then I became pregnant with my oldest and saw the perfect little baby on the 12 week ultrasound and heard her heart beating on the doppler. Suddenly it hit home for me that it would be perfectly legal for me to kill her for no other reason than my own convenience. And I felt fiercely protective of her and all the millions of other unborn babies. Intellectually, I had known abortion was wrong for the same reason I’m against the death penalty and so on. But I didn’t feel emotionally connected to my stance on the issue until I became a mom.

There’s a reason why the former head of a Planned Parenthood clinic, Abby Johnson, is now a pro-life activist after watching an abortion procedure on ultrasound. She told Bill O’Reilly: ” Well, what I saw was this baby fighting, and I had flashes in my head of my own daughter. I remembered having an ultrasound at 12 weeks with my own daughter. And I just was thinking, ‘What am I doing?'”

30 12 2009

Motherhood had similar, and different, effects on me. I wanted no children until I was married and pregnant by choice at age 35. Then I wanted every child to have a mom in love with it as an idea even before it was born, feeling as besotted as I was. Not feeling like the desperate victim I would have been before that time . . .

30 12 2009

CW, what about polls that don’t confirm your personal politics? Gallup’s pro-death penalty percentages, for example, show men and particularly conservative men (supposedly pro-life in their legislating of morality?) leading support for killing as public policy, no conscience exception for those of us who abhor it as uncivilized abomination.

Or just sticking with women and abortion, what about beliefs matching action? If half of all women actually choose an abortion for herself at some time, and that includes more Catholics than Protestants, what does that demonstrate?

15 02 2010

Homeschool family charged with murder, torture, child abuse, and it looks like once again, the fringe religion of beatings with plumbing supplies to break babies’ sinful spirits may be implicated . . .

15 06 2010

New in June 2010 – GOP women get physical with each other too, who needs men to do the hitting, shoving and authoritarian intimidating?

Is this corporate ethics or conservative political ethics or Christian ethics, or all three integrated as real America, perhaps?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman had an altercation with an eBay employee when she was CEO of the company, The New York Times reported Monday, prompting Whitman’s campaign to say such disputes are not uncommon in high-stress workplaces.

The two later overcame their differences, and the employee continues to work at the online auction site.

The Times posted a story to its website based on anonymous sources that said Whitman became angry and pushed the employee in an executive conference room at eBay’s Silicon Valley headquarters. The employee, Young Mi Kim, was helping Whitman prepare for a media interview for which Whitman felt unprepared, according to the newspaper’s account.

The story said Kim threatened to sue after the incident three years ago, but later agreed to a mediated settlement that remains private.

REALLY? This is the story they choose to go with?
prompting Whitman’s campaign to say such disputes are not uncommon in high-stress workplaces.

Say that’s true. All the more reason to get high-stress corporate workplace as far from the definition of American governance of, by and for the people, as possible!

4 08 2010

New post from Dale at Meming of Life, good news about progress on this front:

. . . on the heels of new research suggesting that regular spanking has a measurable negative affect on IQ, Congress is due to consider the Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act this year. The proposal would “prohibit the Secretary of Education from providing education funding to any educational agency or institution that allows school personnel to inflict corporal punishment upon a student as a form of punishment or to modify undesirable behavior.”

. . .The federal act would ban the practice in all public and private schools that receive federal funds of any kind, which is virtually all.

The big news is the inclusion of religious schools in the ban.

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