Sunday School Science Teacher Costing Schools Credibility and Cool Half-Million

31 12 2009

Remember this guy?

Creationist John Freshwater, branding kids for Christ while on the public payroll as mild-mannered public school science teacher. . .

(Evidence of the monstrous harm done when kids are taught alchemy, that leaden lies can be transformed into golden truth, if only you believe hard enough and get a bunch of other people to believe it too?)

But wait, there’s more! This true story keeps getting less believable and more costly as the hearings drag on and his attorney plays games.

Freshwater is expected to be the last direct witness in the hearing that has been held, on and off, over about 14 months and has cost the school district more than $500,000 in legal fees. Rebuttal witnesses might be called in coming weeks.

The latest plot twist being reported this festive Christmas week is that Freshwater taught his creationist ideology as science not just with cool magnetic lab equipment, but by rigging “experiments” to exploit the awesome intelligence built into playful, wholesome, trustworthy kid-magnet Legos — sacrilege!

Freshwater described using Lego blocks to show that cars, buildings and other structures cannot build themselves.

I beg to differ.

Did you know the word “lego” is a creative fusion of the Danish words leg and godt, which my playful mind notes with glee, literally means “play well” and not the seemingly obvious “shin and calf of deity” that an illiterate literalist might insist on imagining is factual?

. . .[Celebrating Legos] gave me a gift too, a story with power to play with in the real world, imagining how all the elements of man’s myth and reality can connect to build the most wondrous cities . . .Legos are limitless fishes and loaves in every room of OUR house, how about yours?

lego evolutionm t-shirt from thinkgeek dot com

Freshwater’s religion belongs in his church and if he wants to get paid for teaching holy truth to kids who want to learn it, that’s fine too. Let his church put him on the payroll, not the school district. As for what my own children are learning, the true meaning of intelligent design taught through Lego power of story was found under our secular Christmas tree by unschooled and unchurched Young Son.
On a t-shirt of course. 😀

Please know the message war is not just about “science” class any more (never really was, you knew that, right?)

So forget curriculum; today’s lesson is education by t-shirt. And if you and yours are on holiday from dogma and curriculum, at least this week if not permanently, then please enjoy this intelligently designed gift together free from church or state politics, the gift that truly keeps on giving:

Cobbling Together the Best Real Learning We Can



10 responses

31 12 2009
Meg L.

legos. I have bins and bins of legos.

2 01 2010

Did Freshwater do the “frog in a blender” experiment, too? (If you “blend” a frog, it should be able to reassemble itself – “if evolution is true,” that is.)

Mr. Freshwater sounds like the guy in SC waiting for his French poodle to “evolve” into a beautiful French woman.

“No luck so far, but I will keep checking.”

Ha, ha, ha…. yeah. He’s probably a teacher, too. :S

2 01 2010

I’ll try my poodle-lady hybrid again. It’s what I think she’ll look like – if evolution is true.

2 01 2010

nope — God must be thwarting my sinister efforts tonight 😦

2 01 2010

But your mental image is only a THEORY, right? 😉

2 01 2010
Nance Confer

Lynn, you are clearly not praying to the correct god. Geesh. . .

Look how well Tebow did. Ask JJ. She has probably been praying to some Gator god or something. 🙂


2 01 2010

Gator Nation must be on the good side of the Force, because the forces that work against us are so clearly demon spawn . . .

3 01 2010
Smrt Mama

We have Legos enough to build an impressive shrine to the Lego God and burn Lego offerings there-to. I’d hoped that if I assemble a large Lego bull to burn, Lego Mithras might give me a pony for Christmas, but no such luck.

3 01 2010

RedMolly right before her hiatus (but who Lynn just discovered is blogging again, good!) posted lots of visual evidence that Lego “creations” really come from human adults, just like Santa’s. 😉

13 01 2011
Fresh News on “Christian Science” Teacher John Freshwater « Cocking A Snook!

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