New Year’s Eve Blue Moon on a Perfect Crisp Night

1 01 2010

This is the official HuffPo moon shot, but it looked pretty great from our north Florida porch, too.




One response

1 01 2010

Miami Herald:

“It will be so clear it will take your breath away,” said Jack Horkheimer, host of the PBS show Star Gazer. “It will be super bright and super high for us.”

. . . A full moon on New Year’s Eve last occurred on Dec. 31, 1990; it won’t happen again until 2028.

Horkheimer, 71, held a “Howl at the Full Moon” party 19 years ago for families with kids in his Miami neighborhood.

“They came in their bath robes and pajamas,” he said.

“It was the most fun New Year’s Eve I ever had in my life. Those children are now adults, and they still remember it.”

Horkheimer encourages families to ring in 2010 in similar fashion.

Those who do can send photos or videos . . . Twelve winners will receive a new telescope.

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