I Did the Math — This Sums Up America’s Mess

11 01 2010

Good logic of failure read for Thinking Parents (you know who you are) about why we can’t reason with ideologues determined to keep any unfair advantage they can put over on us, as long as possible, no matter what it does to what’s left of the can-do American ingenuity we once used for good instead of evil:

“The sad fact of contemporary American economic culture is atomistic individualism. Anything else is decried as communism.”

So yes, logic of failure but even more than Dietrich Dorner, what about Alfie Kohn? It’s quite literally “punished by rewards” . . .




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14 01 2010

Here’s a Florida example of how messy the mess has gotten and how hard it will be to clean up: Her 2,043 votes did not resolve the criminal charges looming . . .

Gov. Charlie Crist removed her from office in November after she was charged with pilfering county funds. Crist has repeatedly promised to yank her out of office again if she won Tuesday’s special election to fill her old seat.

But Tuesday evening, Spence-Jones, as is her wont, framed her coming collision with Crist as a race issue. She invoked Martin Luther King Jr., and suggested that if Crist removed her so close to MLK Day, it would demonstrate blatant disrespect of “everything he stood for.”

. . . Spence-Jones’ real triumph may have been the $40,250 in campaign contributions she managed to raise among the usual cabal of developers, lawyers and political players despite the looming criminal charges . . .

Backing down from his threat to remove a black Miami Democrat criminal defendant from elected office would only alienate the right wing of his party. The fight seems unavoidable.

Spence-Jones has already filed suit against Crist, determined to preempt the governor’s right to remove her from office a second time.

Miami voters now face the prospect of an utterly distracted city commissioner, clinging tenuously to her seat via a temporary injunction, while simultaneously engaged as the plaintiff in a constitutional battle with the governor and as a criminal defendant in Miami-Dade circuit court.

Miami’s $300,000 special election doesn’t seem like much of a bargain.

“Our votes must count!” her supporters chanted, celebrating a costly election that settled nothing.

14 01 2010

NPR has a new take on it too:

There are heavy clouds gathering; complex decisions on where scientific research could — or should — go . . .

[C]haos theory tells us that we really can’t predict with great accuracy the long-term future of very complex systems, as we can see with weather reports. Quantum mechanics tells us that there are limits to what we can know, to the amount of information we can extract from matter. . .

Still, the popular notion persists, as Russell made clear, that science can predict the future and, in that way, that it has taken the place of more mystical practices that try to do the same.

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