Guess What Bill Gates Is Talking About

22 01 2010

Can you guess what complex challenge vital to our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, he’s referring to here?

There just isn’t enough work going on today to get us to where we need to go.

The world is distracted from what counts on this issue in a big way.

Education? Equality and human rights?
War and terrorism, jobs and the economy, hunger, health care, helping Haitians?

I might answer “all of the above” except this sweaty-palm panic we’re feeling isn’t multiple choice anymore, if it ever really was. Time is expiring on our high-stakes academic exercise, and maybe the only answer that matters now is knowing these two things whatever the question, that no choice left is right, and no choice left just isn’t right!

The way he’s going about all this btw, sounds like a great model for true public education, the kind that just might save the world if anything can:

I spend a lot of my time learning about issues I’m passionate about.

I’m fortunate because the people I’m working with and learning from are true experts in their fields. I take a lot of notes, and often share them and my own thoughts on the subject with others through email, so I can learn from them and expand the conversation.

I thought it would be interesting to share these conversations more widely with a website, in the hope of getting more people thinking and learning about the issues I think are interesting and important.

p.s. If you still want a literal right answer to the original question about which issue he’s referring to in the quote above, check the answer sheet here.