First Rugby Match Ever (Though It Was Sister-Kissing)

13 03 2010

Exciting! Young Son and I were hosted by Scottish nationals and had a great time.

But in the end, Scotland versus England at Murray Field on BBC today disappointed, ending in a 12-12 tie, Can’t remember the last tie allowed to stand in any sporting event I cared about . . .

OTOH, the players were hot. Incredibly cute in a virile, clean-looking, wholesome way. And rubgy compares pretty favorably to American football in terms of moving right along . . .



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15 03 2010

You gotta be kidding me. Football comes nowhere near rugby! 😉 In my my not so humble opinion. There you have a sport, football is entertainment, play planned by the coach and “guys” on the sidelines and they could not give up those breaks cause when would the tv ads run. Rugby is thinking on your feet. No time outs. You tear each other up on the field, you shake hands and are friends afterwards. Only trophy games need a definite decision.
Have you watched Invictus?

16 03 2010
Crimson Wife

Aren’t you a tad bit on the mature side to get all hot-n-bothered over rugby players? :-p

16 03 2010

They can’t arrest you for what you’re thinking, CW. 🙂

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