How to Help Save Music Education?

26 03 2010

Do something!

Your creative kids have got until April 16 to join the Battle of the Bands, maybe win some “rockin’ prizes” and help save music in schools from learning about the Day the Music Died . . .

New Diagnosis of What’s Causing Health Care Political Symptoms

26 03 2010

A couple of lines in the news jumped out at JJ this morning from this piece — maybe you’d already thought of it but she hadn’t!

As doctors move from being employers to employees, their politics often take a leftward turn. . .

Gordon H. Smith, executive vice president of the Maine Medical Association, said that his organization had changed from being like a chamber of commerce to being like a union.

Seems there’s been a dramatic move just in the past five years, from private practice to salaried medicine within hospitals and health care systems. No, not dramatic because it’s been quiet, not part of the high drama-trauma politics of health care reform. Still, HUGE. Imagine a third of all employer doctoring shifting to become employee doctoring, just since 2005! Talk about a revolution.

And it had nothing to do with government force via tea parties or pallin’ around with terrorists.

Individual doctors have been making marketplace choices, not being forced into this shift by government. So by the very definitions of right-wing politics, this reflects individual economic choice exercised by well-educated, hard-working, tax-paying Americans in their own best interest.