Step Away From the Cow, Son

27 04 2010

Police behaving “stupidly” or doing their duty (a la Henry Gates in either case)? Too good not to share, from Don Troop’s TWEED for the Chronicle of Higher Education:

April 27, 2010
Drop Your Camera and Step Away From the Cow, Son

Alex Kotran, a photographer for the Ohio State University Lantern, was handcuffed and charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass after he took pictures of workers trying to corral two cows that got loose on the campus last week, the student newspaper reports.

Employees from the School of Agriculture and two grounds keepers tried to prevent Mr. Kotran from taking photos before the police eventually handcuffed him and tranquilized one of the cows, the newspaper reports.

The photographer was released after about 10 minutes, and Police Chief Paul Denton says the department is investigating the incident.

The cows are still being held. —Don Troop

The campus newspaper reports that their photographer was undoubtedly easier to apprehend than the two cows (were they REALLY cows, as in female?):

OSU Police and university officials used at least seven police cars, a university tractor, a cattle prod and tranquilizers to corral the cattle.

Check the student paper’s link for art and video.

My personal favorite part of this story though, is the reader poll beside it, which is either great satire or wholly idiotic, not sure which and that ambiguity is the cherry on top:

Cows on campus
Are you afraid of another cow attack?



3 responses

27 04 2010
Nance Confer

I just feel safe tonight knowing those cows are still behind bars! 🙂

And our local news today — yes, we are in the middle of nowhere —


27 04 2010

Ha! We’re watching Biggest Loser right now, shooting on location in TX. They just sent the fat folks into a corral to herd dogies!

28 05 2010

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