“Identity More Fluid” as Schooled Kids “Come Together in New Ways”

12 05 2010

What do you think, hope or horror?

Teenagers today have a dramatically different perspective on race and ethnicity than their parents did. Their views are driven by pop culture, by their moment in history and by virtue of having grown up in culturally diverse schools. . .

“It’s not to say that racism has gone away or disappeared,” said Milagros Peña, a sociology professor at the University of Florida. “It’s that kids have different ideas about race and diversity, and are coming together in new ways.”

. . .“Identity is a lot more fluid for this generation,” [Harvard doctoral student Anthony] Jack said.




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12 05 2010

From the definitive identity essay, Large Dogs Welcome!

What if they are welcome . . . but conditionally, subject to exclusion at their first sign of departure from whatever explicit and implicit rules that “public” or community has imposed on them, based on who they are and how they are “seen”?

12 05 2010

And for more outrageous fun with identity politics, try Another Cloud on Clarity Campaign?

It’s quite clear even when it’s cloudy, that going on the warpath over words ends badly, and leaves behind a populace no more enlightened than it ever was, much less than it could have been. . .

12 05 2010

The newest SCOTUS nominee is younger than I am but unfortunately for her, not young enough to blow off identity politics. She’s being whipsawed by journalistic ethics-challenged media mogul Rupert Murdoch (not using FOX but his Wall Street Journal this time, to inflame LGBT liberals this time) Have you heard about it? WSJ front-paged a 17-year-old university photo of her [gasp!] playing SOFTBALL, apparently to play on shocking sexual identity stereotype . . .

You know, if he really were homophobic or dedicated to defending the military from teh gays or whatever, he might deserve an old man’s excuse. But Murdoch is so cynically all about business (profits) all the time, willing to say or do anything to anybody, that it’s hard not to believe he’s just exploiting homophobia because it’s handy here, to keep SCOTUS balanced in favor of corporatism owning politics and government.

Oh, and following that rabbit trail led me in turn to this political identity piece about my parents’ generation (your grands or great-grands, perhaps) — and how despite identity mixing in some ways, we’re going backward in blending our political identity and tolerance for differences:

Today, on both sides of the political divide, you’d better be ready for the purity exam. My parents, put to either test, would have flunked. They weren’t liberal or conservative, at least not how we see it now.

They were Americans. God almighty, I’m proud of them for that.

12 05 2010
Nance Confer

It still sounds like way too much emphasis is being placed on race and dividing ourselves by race. Am I missing the good news here?

12 05 2010

Can’t argue with that, but good news, let’s see — enforcing bigoted divisions is getting harder?

12 05 2010
Nance Confer

OK. I guess I’ll take what I can get 🙂

19 05 2010
Crimson Wife

What about that depressing CNN study on racism in young kids? I caught a portion of it at the airport the other day but wasn’t able to watch the full program. As a mom of young kids (my two oldest are 7 1/2 and 4 1/2), it really dismayed me to see such blatant bias expressed at such a tender age 😦

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