Science Can Answer Moral Questions: Sam Harris at TED

12 05 2010



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13 05 2010

The Science of a Happy (and Moral) Marriage is progressing. The trick is understanding ” the ties that bind.” Same with the increasingly observable facts of happy and moral parenting into your children’s adulthood . . .

It’s the relationships, stupid.

Nance and I as unschooling-unchurching-unpunishing veterans whose almost-grown children still like us, struggle to reach parents who love their kids just as much as we do ours, to explain there are no guarantees in conventional ways of parenting and schooling and churching, any more than in our way or any way. In the end it all depends on the quality of the relationships and strength of the trust bonds. And our way is really good at that, compared to convention.

Here’s a vivid illustration of that truth, that gets left out of most conversations with young parents who think love is control and rules and structure and standards, all “for their own good.”

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