Snook Animals We’ve Known and Loved

28 05 2010

UPDATE: How could I forget Snook’s Boston Terrier for Memorial Day??

. . .If we took a close look at dominionists including the homophobic and misogynistic . . . would THEIR humanity measure up to Alex the parrot and Washoe the chimp? Maybe they’re worried it might not, and that explains why they fight so hard against any such changes or letting anyone but them and their beliefs in on the thinking and defining?

So I got to thinking about voters in chicken suits and wondered how many other animals have factored into our human thinking about ourselves here. Below is a surprisingly long and varied list of animal posts and discussion, that in connecting us to their nature may help us learn about our own:

While We’re Debating Who Deserves Humanity . . .:
How we think of and treat animals — caused by our needs and changes more than theirs — teaches us more about ourselves than them, just as robot theologian Anne Foerst teaches and preaches.

Her philosophy is that everything really is all about us. . .



Baboon, parrot, chimp as service animals

Sheep and their herd mentality

Katherine Harris on Horses

Schrodinger’s Cat

Ceiling Cat

Stray cats and dogs, Animal Farm, pigs

Pythons and a dead grizzly bear

What’s Up at PussyCat’s? (parrot, rabbit, tiger and haddock in discussion)

Rabbits, poodles and implied death of animals as empathy test

Monkey-Man god of business

Guinea Pig Wooed for TV

Guinea Pig part one

Guinea Pig part two

Large dogs in small apartments

Sheepdogs, pigs in a blanket

Dog days for first daughters

Fly and cat-killing, animal dissection as school science

Mama and baby deer

Pups at play, kitty strollers and a spotted hound surfing





Insect (boats)

If you can find more, post in comments!

All Plucked Up: Playing Chicken at the Polls

28 05 2010

More for Thinking Citizens to peck to pieces and squawk about, in the public dress code wars. How shall we apply what we’re learning about controlling message clothing in public places for FEMA volunteers and band students, about t-shirts and purity rings and serious hats, to um, chicken costumes?

Re: free speech in how we dress and which authorities can rightfully regulate what we choose to wear where.

“There is no statute prohibiting dress that includes costumes,” wrote Erin Neff, the group’s executive director. . . one chicken-dressed man went in to vote, and came out with an “I voted” sticker stuck on his feathers.

. . .State law prohibits signs, distribution of literature, or wearing campaign buttons, clothing or insignia in support of or against a political party, candidate or ballot question at or near polling [s]ites. Violations are a gross misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and $2,000 fine.

But another provision says the law is not intended to prevent a person from voting “solely” for wearing political insigne that cannot be reasonably removed or covered. In such cases, the statute says election workers should take “such action as is necessary” to allow them to vote “as expediently as possible” before showing them to the exit.