Young Son’s Epic Status This Morning

29 05 2010

My guys were out early to a fencing tournament so I was noodling around and noticed the Facebook status Young Son posted before he left the house (you’ll recall he’s been reading the unabridged 1450-page Les Miserables, in the wee hours instead of sleeping.)

And so the 6 month expedition ends. Javert lies in the seine, valjean in the ground, thenardier is in new York selling slaves, the revolutionaries are dead, Marius and cossette are married, fantine and the bishop died a long while ago. Gavroche is also dead.



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9 06 2010

Now he’s on to Napoleon (or I should say, the Napoleons, I should’ve been taught there were two or I think actually three if you count the one no one does — if not by school then by Trivial Pursuit!)

Two paperback histories were purchased and begun today, one translated de Tocqueville — Tremblez Tyrans: The Ancien Regime and the Revolution —

and the other by Herold, The Age of Napoleon:

THE AGE OF NAPOLEON is the biography of an enigmatic and legendary personality as well as the portrait of an entire age. J. Christopher Herold tells the fascinating story of the Napoleonic world in all its aspects — political, cultural, military, commercial, and social. Napoleon”s rise from common origins to enormous political and military power, as well as his ultimate defeat, influenced our modern age in thousands of ways, from the map of Europe to the metric system, from styles of dress and dictators to new conventions of personal behavior.

About the Author
J. Christopher Herold (1919-1964) was an editor at Columbia University Press and Stanford University Press as well as the author of numerous books, including Mistress to an Age: A Life of Madame de Stael, which won the National Book Award.

9 06 2010

Well, if he’s studying up to lead a revolution, he may have pretty good timing. 🙂

9 06 2010

No kidding! One of the jacket blurbs I saw today (could’ve been another book on that shelf) even said something about France suffering and never really recovering from the war between its “moderate secularists” trying to move forward and its “conservative Catholic traditionalists” demanding to go backward.

9 06 2010

But he’s already too tall to be Napoleon. 😉
Guess he’ll have to be Geo Washington instead (FavD tells me General Washington was incredibly tall even when not on his huge white horse.)

Or he could stick with his bookish nature and be de Tocqueville — anybody know how tall HE was?

9 06 2010

While at the bookstore, we got the new Stephen Prothero for Favorite Daughter. She started it this afternoon too but right now she’s off with Boyfriend so I have it. Probably it’s good for its own post . . .

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