Why Educate Our Kids? Because Anti-Vax Isn’t Science

4 06 2010

And it’s not even good ethics, good politics or good parenting.

Cock of the snook to Meg for this brilliant public communication (supported by real science here) on science being more moral than stupidity and selfish isolationism much less celebrity as authority, when it comes to loving our neighbors as ourselves and the Golden Rule:

When Favorite Daughter watched this video, she grabbed my notebook and linked to a related anti-antivax post she warned me was for a crass young male demographic but I should read to the end anyway. I did. You might want to, too, but just in case you can’t stomach it, here’s the gist:

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If Your Kid’s in Trouble at High School, Be Proud!

4 06 2010

Well, when you hear that coming from the morning teevee newstalk, what kind of unschooling parent would you be if you didn’t stop to hear more?? 😉

It was John Waters, the individual’s individual who made the movie Hairspray (snooked here). He’s got a new book out called “Role Models” and said the individuals he chose to write about are all rulebreakers, that each in their own ways they led “extreme lives and got in trouble” (and eventually transcended those rules to become great) — even the Catholic saint he prayed to as a child, because she “sucked roots and spit” and “she hung around with bad popes.”

[I Googled her and she was a lot crazier than just that!]

It was pure Power of Story: “You learn to see it the way they’re telling it and it changes how you think about everything!”

“I don’t like rules of any kind,” he says. “And I seek people who break rules with happiness — and not bringing pain to themselves.”

About how well it worked out for his heroes, he said admiringly that Johnny Mathis was beyond fame, beyond race, never got hassled even though in the 50s he was singing about girls making out. . .[these were] people who didn’t fit in and didn’t want to fit in, and were better people for NOT fitting in. Indeed, for being “bizarre” and sometimes even “insane.”

[UPDATE: apparently early atheism lobbyist Madalyn Murray O’Hair is among his book’s role models, too, despite her complete lack of mention to the Morning Joe crowd, hmmm . . .]

And GOP lawyer-politician host Joe Scarborough, conservative tea party sympathizer, was agreeing with all this, no hint of irony! Somehow he fancies himself a rebel and traditionalist simultaneously. (We’ll think more about that later.) He blathered on about bumper stickers and tv commercials, saying things like: Read the rest of this entry »