Hot, Hungry and Cross with Corporations

10 06 2010

Peevish and peckish would have made a better heading. Thought I would do a FaceBook-style status update here at Snook. Food, weather and something to sneer at, all in one!

It’s about 97 degrees, no cloud cover from the sun, all oil all the time on cable news, no fresh farmer’s market food left in the house. Too hot to go out, too hungry to stay in, too upset to watch something trivial rather than the corpor-apocalypse in real time . . .



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10 06 2010

As I put it the other day in the anti-vax comments:

“The oil catastrophe has me pretty short-tempered with crap as of now, you know, the deadly disaster that I never chose (my state didn’t either — we don’t want drilling off our shores for sound scientific reasons but we’re screwed anyway because of the stupid, greedy, selfish people) and from which I can’t hope to protect anyone including my own children and future grandchildren, no matter how smart or well-informed I may be.”

10 06 2010

SInce I have a catch-all thread open, how about the bizarreness of THIS?

Democrats Are Hinting Foul Play In South Carolina Senate Primary

Clyburn would love to know “whether a third party gave Greene the money for the $10,400 filing fee, a violation of federal campaign finance laws.” The congressman says that’s a lot of money for someone who is unemployed.

. . . “he has been appointed a public defender — which means back in November when he was arrested he filled out an affidavit of indigency. … Yet in March he comes up with $10,400 to file for the United States Senate. … That raises a question.”

11 06 2010

Just saw the new “Oil Spill Forecast” based on NOAA data, pinpointing how the toxins destroying the Gulf will manifest with different oil sheens hitting Florida’s beaches, how the winds and currents will shape each day here, with different blobs of colors indicating “continuous” and “broken” oil sheen areas.

The weather forecaster says “sheen” is “oil continuously on the water.” By Sunday it seems the westerly current will “help diversify that sheen a little bit” which apparently means blobs of oil less on the surface rather than blobs of blue on the weather map’s surface.

I think if this is to be our new daily weather forecast along with tides, tropical storms and allergry alerts, we need some less cuddly, stylish-sounding words to describe it than “sheen” and “plume” — oh, and considering the beauty salon hair optimistically donated to help soak it all up, it’s particularly in bad taste imo, to refer to BP (Big Profit) poisons as “mousse.”

Now the oil sheen forecast is over and the news is back. Seems the Brits are furious that the oil sheen forecast is cutting into their stock portfolios, because they think we’ve been badmouthing their investment too much over here! Maybe we’re gonna need a “Fury Forecast” next, with blobs of color over half the globe showing its toxic sheens and plumes . . .

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