Sweet Waffle Kohn for Best FB Status Update

18 06 2010

JJ is awarding Snook’s inaugural facebook status prize for this, from a local theatre geek just now:

“. . .so I go home to take a nap since I am sick and have no voice. A tree falls on the car and clips the power. I call the city about the power and the voice automated system can’t hear me and therefore can’t direct the call. So if a tree falls in my yard I apparently don’t make a sound. :)”

You gotta love theatre folk . . .

If you have nominations for future Sweet Waffle Kohns in this category, post em here!

UPDATE – cheating just a little, here’s an award-winning blog update from Colleen, the formerly New Unschooler who it seems has unschooled herself very well, thank you!

“I was thinking, as I was sitting there watching the show, how lucky I am that unschooling brought me to this acceptance and celebration of Jerry’s passions.”




One response

23 06 2010

Here’s one used as status update this morning after Craig Ferguson last night. I’m keeping it handy!

‘Remember if you are writing in to a television station complaining about a rabbit because the rabbit swears on TV at 1:00 in the morning, it’s not really about the rabbit, is it.’

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