Irish and Modern and Swing, Oh My

19 06 2010

Favorite Daughter really swings

Photo credit: Dana Bryan

Adding a modern dance shot of Young Son, center:

One of these modern dancers is FavD but without seeing her smile, can you tell she’s on the right?




6 responses

20 06 2010

That looks like fun! Probably a lot of work went into it but the audience sees the happy dancers. 🙂

20 06 2010

She always looks like she’s having more fun than anyone on the stage. 🙂

I’ll add a photo of Young Son in a modern dance titled “Aftermath” because he looks much more serious and hauling people around really IS hard work, even if he is in fact featured here with the lightest, strongest girl. 😉

20 06 2010

Amazing! Both of them.

20 06 2010

I love that I’m a woman and not expected to haul people around. It doesn’t make up for the childbirth thing, but it’s something.

Beautiful photos! You have enlargements framed for the walls, right?

20 06 2010

I hate to disillusion Lynn’s fine feminist compensation fantasy 😉
but I think FavD is in the back of that dance, playing a guy part and hauling someone too (never enough guys although this studio has the most guys in town . . .)

5 06 2011
Spring Sprang Sprung! Doctor JJ’s Kids Bustin’ Out All Over « Cocking A Snook!

[…] but the singing and dancing and partying won’t slow down apace until at least the end of June. Their current dance company’s annual shows are in rehearsals now, to be followed by two full weeks of musical theatre dance camp and […]

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