How Does War Profiteering Smell By Another Name?

6 07 2010

UPDATE on accountability for thee but not for me, a la Cheney family values:

Harry Whittington saved the vest not just as a souvenir but as a warning. He shows it to friends, and to the children of friends, to illustrate the dangers of firearms. “It’s an education for them,” he says.


Arianna Huffington:

There are two other words for what Halliburton did besides fraud: war profiteering. When “hundreds of millions of dollars” just disappear, while teachers and policemen are getting laid off, perhaps it’s time for a two-fisted investigation like the one Sen. Harry Truman spearheaded during World War II.

. . .In the end, this is not about me, or Liz Cheney, or even Halliburton. It’s about our accountability double standard. It’s actually not that complex, nor is it ambiguous. It’s plainly obvious and the American people know it.

And the refusal of our political and media leaders to acknowledge it is contributing to the widespread anger and cynicism sweeping the country right now.