How Does War Profiteering Smell By Another Name?

6 07 2010

UPDATE on accountability for thee but not for me, a la Cheney family values:

Harry Whittington saved the vest not just as a souvenir but as a warning. He shows it to friends, and to the children of friends, to illustrate the dangers of firearms. “It’s an education for them,” he says.


Arianna Huffington:

There are two other words for what Halliburton did besides fraud: war profiteering. When “hundreds of millions of dollars” just disappear, while teachers and policemen are getting laid off, perhaps it’s time for a two-fisted investigation like the one Sen. Harry Truman spearheaded during World War II.

. . .In the end, this is not about me, or Liz Cheney, or even Halliburton. It’s about our accountability double standard. It’s actually not that complex, nor is it ambiguous. It’s plainly obvious and the American people know it.

And the refusal of our political and media leaders to acknowledge it is contributing to the widespread anger and cynicism sweeping the country right now.



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7 07 2010

Call me a cynical bitch, but… It’s nice to talk about investigating war-mongers and their whores, yet when it comes right down to it, no one will do it because there aren’t enough hooks for a can of worms that big.

7 07 2010
Nance Confer

And they’ve all got their hands out. It’s not as if convicting Cheney or some specific Halliburton exec would solve any problem.

7 07 2010

No argument, so a governing majority of Americans need to see that as a problem as a first step? — my reaction was that only one ideological group preaches about paperwork lawbreaking being a shooting or at least deporting offense, no benefits for the poor, sick, and unemployed because they don’t deserve it etc.

Oh, and only one group defends torture as not a war crime, never mind the money. Those people don’t just have a corruption of cash but of values. That’s the problem we can’t solve until enough of us can see it as a problem.

7 07 2010

We’ve suspended the first amendment for the benefit of BP. I’m more and more of the opinion that we are two far gone to reverse course.

7 07 2010

That should be too far gone…

7 07 2010

Btw, the same ideology that sneers at paperwork requirements (for legal homeschooling) in the name of family values, sneers at family values in the name of paperwork requirements (for legal immigration) . . .
An outraged self-governing community must leave the minority alone in one case but not the other, according to this murky (good word!) way of feeling rather than thinking.

Case in point, remember NHEN Ben in Indiana?

7 07 2010

Lol Chris, no wonder you had “two” on your mind. I looked back at the quote posted and there are surprisingly several uses of it — two words, two-fisted, world war TWO, and “double” further down too (two!)

7 07 2010

Leonard Pitts on Mel Gibson:

People tend to have this naive notion about hate. They think it’s something you can see at 20 paces, something obvious and over-the-top, like the Nazis Jack Kirby drew for Marvel Comics; you always knew they were evil from their craggy teeth and bad skin.

But hate looks like a grandmother baking cookies, a teacher standing in front of the class, a preacher opening his Bible. [billionaire CEO, senator or vice-president, millionaire mama pitbull grizzly bear?] It looks like you or me, like anybody anywhere.

The philosopher Hannah Arendt famously wrote of what she called the “banality of evil.” Well, there is a banality to hatred, too. We are conditioned to expect a grand, operatic malevolence, but there is nothing grand about it. Hatred is ordinary, hatred is insipid, hatred is small and mean. It is a series of compromises made with conscience, an expedience that bypasses thought and compassion.

It is a sickness, and Gibson apparently has it bad.

Keith Olbermann on Rush Limbaugh:

Keith Olbermann named Rush Limbaugh his Worst Person in the World Tuesday night for Limbaugh’s comments that Oprah and President Obama only succeeded because of their race.

“These quotes speak for themselves and for a diseased and failing mind. . .
“It’s naked ugly racism, it is the distillation of Rush Limbaugh’s ugly view of our country,” Olbermann said.

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