Anthony Weiner’s Good Line on a Bad Day

30 07 2010

Just heard him on Hardball, telling Chuck Todd that Democrats too often “bring library books to a knife fight” lol . . . fits me too.

Except the GOP is loud and proud on fighting with guns, not knives, hmmm. . .



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31 07 2010

Why would anyone have a knife fight in the first place? Maybe he means that Democrats would usually prefer to read a book and be left alone, while the GOP walks around with a knife trying to force people to do everything just like they do them.

31 07 2010

Or maybe Dems buy into the pen (book) being mighitier than the sword (knife)? — but haven’t gotten around to books on Sparta and Athens, in which they’d find power of story proving that while books may be mightier, the struggle is epic. Generations or centuries of thuggish, brutish knifefighters and bombthrowers reign over enslaved readers and writers before the happy ending finally happens . . .

31 07 2010

Repeating my comment from “Sharron Angle’s morally righteous knifefight-against-raped girls” discussion:

Remember this isn’t about private worship but public policy, right here in our (formerly) secular modern state. Sharron Angle and her ilk demand the opposite of each citizen’s religious freedom, and they aren’t just shooting off their mouths in a letter to the editor or on a blog. They’ve amassed the terrifying power to impose just that — look at SCOTUS already. Angle isn’t isolated, she’s lamestream as Sarah Palin would say (she who refused while in office to help victimized girls in Alaska with a bit of funding for rape exam kits. God wanted them to suffer without justice, apparently.)

These are anti-American Americans wrapped in a false flag, literally agents of government conspiring to take control and rule us all unconstitutionally, via fear of their particular religious dogma. (How is THAT small government or libertarianism btw?? It’s much more akin to the Taliban.)

Along the same line imo:

The Secular Coalition for America. . .heralded the bill’s introduction as a positive step toward ending religious privilege in policy affecting and harming children.

Many religious organizations and leaders—such as James Dobson of Focus on the Family who has made a handsome living in part by selling books on using corporal punishment on children—believe that the Bible requires them to employ corporal punishment to discipline children.

See also:

. . .surrender of the democratic process to the authority of the Christian Bible, are rampant.

. . .What are these laws and Biblical principles that are being proposed? Do they have a formula to solve the economic crisis?
. . .There is nothing close to a practical answer in the Bible that could even begin to address our global challenges, unless we’re finally ready to turn over the money changers’ tables and feed the masses.

Is there something in the Bible that can help bring our troops home from Afghanistan? The biblical plans for that area don’t include peace. . . . America needs to move forward, not back to the Dark Ages.

5 08 2010

Today’s Miami Herald column on constitutional gunfighting:

`Stand Your Ground’ works — for criminals

. . .Willie Meggs, president of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association back in 2005, had warned that Stand Your Ground legislation would spawn unintended consequences. He called it the “shoot your Avon lady law.”

The narrative in 2005, when this law was shoved through the Legislature by the National Rifle Association, was that this would protect innocents forced to fend off home invaders, muggers or carjackers. The mere claim of fear would now come with the legal presumption that deadly force was justifiable.


The law has complicated once-routine homicide prosecutions. “We have been forced to spend significant time and resources litigating defense motions which, in essence, seek court-ordered immunity for defendants charged with violent crimes,” Palm Beach State Attorney Michael McAuliffe told me via e-mail Wednesday.

McAuliffe described a 2007 first-degree murder case that twice hung with juries unable to resolve the murky reach of Stand Your Ground. “The confusion that can surround the “Stand Your Ground” law makes for difficult hurdles even in cases where we have violent, aggressive conduct. The law has the great potential to be misapplied and could well protect violent criminals in specific cases.”

Miami-Dade prosecutors are grappling with similar complications. And lawyer Zachary Weaver, in a 2009 study of Stand Your Ground for the University of Miami Law Review, warned that the amorphous law has given defense lawyers as much a “plea-bargaining chip” as an actual defense.

None of this is surprising to anyone who listened to the warnings of prosecutors or police chiefs back in 2005. And none of this has inspired legislators to rethink a flawed piece of legislation.

“It’s unfortunate,” Meggs said Wednesday. “We can’t seem to get their attention.”

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