The Season After Summer? Back-to-School, of Course

16 08 2010

“The keeper of my time is my keeper.”

“If love of money is the root of all evil, the taming of time must surely be its minion. . .”

There were always five natural seasons, not four, immutable as day to night to day again:
Back to School

So was it written, so shall it be done, amen?
That’s why it seems to me now that this time of year is the most natural time for a Culture Kitchen classic: We the Clockkeepers and Our Tyranny of Time:

Have you noticed Big Government and Big Business have effectively taken over all our time, one way or another? — colluding to micromanage jobs and markets, most of which become ossified and inescapable School requirements ’round the clock and calendar:

“Back to School: A Time to Rethink Time”
By Milton Chen

Another year has passed, and schools are still captives of an outdated calendar. . .



One response

19 08 2010

Also for this “time” of year, see a very thoughtful discussion about what we can learn about learning, from what the kids wear back to school in its name:

Forget Curriculum, Today’s Lesson Is Education By T-Shirt

Ok, so…
Are you saying that we should ban the duelling fishes as well as the gang symbols? Trying to clarify.

Well – I guess I am saying we can’t know WHAT to do, about anything, without being able to think it through. “It” imo is a grievous mistake no matter what the end result, if we arrive at that “it” based on how we feel or what we fear or how many of us can intimidate others.

So without the education and effort and good will toward all other humans as our fellows, that taken together will enable us to work together and govern ourselves wisely, etc, it just doesn’t matter.

To me there can be no right answer imposed on us by other humans who claim that right.

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