Why Nance and I Never Took a Dime for This

18 08 2010

Just to be perfectly clear! 😉

It’s a tricky balance, the advertiser boycott. How antsy and fearful do you want advertisers to be when there’s potentially provocative content at issue? How cautious do you want networks to get? Reasonable minds can disagree.

But the First Amendment doesn’t guarantee that speaking your mind will have no economic consequences. [It can] . . . be, let us say, commercially risky if you’re aiming for a broad audience — or if your sponsors are.



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19 08 2010

Like many people on the right, Dr. Laura doesn’t seem to understand the Constitution, nor does she seem to have actually read it. Of course the right wing also don’t know what the words “socialism” and “fascism” mean, and yet they continue to throw out references to all of the above.

19 08 2010

And I don’t see them starving while they’re being so well-paid to do it, with zero unemployment including the newest millionaires on the block — the Palin Reality Show Franchise. (By quitting this radio show, Dr. Laura isn’t renouncing her big-bucks-for bigotry career and withdrawing into a private vow of righteous poverty, is she?) Even that random unemployed plumber was put right to work for their State of Mind. Guess it explains why the Far Right is so nasty about all the American workers needing public-operated unemployment insurance though: no one’s ever unemployed in totalitarian Murdochia. Always another lucrative spokesmodel sales job pushing the neverending product . . .

23 08 2010

In the US, concerns over the morality and legitimacy of mummy blogs endorsing products or services has reached such a level that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), an American consumers group, has recently addressed the situation by revising their advertising rules.

They now require bloggers to disclose and clearly label their connection to advertisers.

Patrick Ruddell, one of a growing number of daddy bloggers, says the lure of making money could be used to encourage positive blogs.

“Mommies make money, parents make money. They sit at home and they blog and there is definitely a good income stream you can make just from blogging. So, when money is involved there is definitely going to be some type of influence.

“They don’t pay you to bash their company and say something negative about their product.”

23 08 2010

Hey Nance, if we’re so financially transparent and evil-influence free, maybe WE should build a Muslim community center! 😉

24 08 2010
Nance Confer

Another get-rich-quick scheme like homeschooling? 🙂

24 08 2010

OH! Did you see Jon Stewart last night?? About FOX giving a million to anti-Muslim politics while having their own Saudi prince on board?
The best real journalism on faux news . . .

Monday August 23, 2010
The Parent Company Trap
Fox News is either evil or stupid for not mentioning that Alwaleed bin Talal is News Corp.’s largest shareholder.

25 08 2010

What the billionaires say, to convince you they are just as pure of motive as we are except obscenely rich.

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