Favorite Daughter Cast in First Musical Theatre Lead!

25 08 2010

She’s now in rehearsal to play the shy, word-loving middle schooler Olive Ostrovsky in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

Award-winning regional community theatre. Hilarious show yet also deeper, very much about schooling versus actually learning how to live, not being perfect and not necessarily following the rules, and exploring how no matter where we are or what we do, we become ourselves through real relationships . . . AND she has a pas de deux plus two solo vocals!

Here’s the dramatic one, which she sings to/with her loving but absent and apparently somewhat self-absorbed parents, “I love you” and “How I wish you were home.” (Olive is pictured here as the pink-overalled competitor number 11)

Here’s a (rather jumpy, sorry) live-action version:

Count on hearing much more in coming weeks from Olive’s proud IRL mama, who also “always knew she was a winner.” Life IS pandemonium!

Hey, do you think I should mention her “olive oil” essay to the director for the playbill?



One response

26 08 2010

To clarify for anyone seeing the stills and not clicking to watch, these youtube videos are not Favorite Daughter. (She was only cast a few days ago!)

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