Palin Demons Have Possessed the Pope! See His New Naughty Monkey Double Dare Red-Hot Pumps!

3 09 2010

Twins separated before birth as some sort of cosmic joke? Or is it part of some serious divine plan to demonstrate once and for all, that we humans can’t hope to make sense of this world, much less the next?

Not only is he suddenly sporting her shoes now, but they both believe in demons and and exorcisms and witch-hunting. Plus, just as she does for her most overtly bigoted and ignorant (bignorant? lol) public appearances, he’s literally “dressed” all in white! (And so help me FSM, if he’s also wearing Sarah Palin’s favorite freeloader Spanx underneath his white dress, it better not make the news, not with close-up art anyway!)

Whose story can possibly pack more power than his? He’s already a world leader (of Inseparable Church and State) and so his pipeline to god’s will must be superior to hers, and yet — these pictures aren’t photoshopped. Taken literally in the context above, they surely prove He is now deferring to Her.

And RUSSIA is involved, gasp! Seeing it from your house is funny ha-ha but it’s not funny to plot unity with it, in some creepy Christian world takeover plot exposed here.

Lynn, Lynn, what does this MEAN?? What were those signs of the apocalypse again? I’m afraid . . .