Consider “Parental Rights” in Light of Friendly Atheist Advice to 14-Year-Old

9 09 2010

UPDATE: Good advice for book banners and burners everywhere: read the supposedly damned thing first!

Here’s a quick test of your knowledge of scripture. Where does the following passage come from?

“Behold! The angels said: “O Mary! God hath chosen thee and purified thee – chosen thee above the women of all nations.”

Let’s try another, with more modern language:

“Behold, the angels said, “O Mary, God announces good news to you by a Word from God named the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, honored in this world and the hereafter.”

The first from the King James Version of the Bible and the second from the Revised Standard?

No on both accounts. . .


From The Friendly Atheist blog comes the kind of concern that even home-educating Thinking Parents ponder, when religious homeschooling gets caught up in the control meme and forgets the whole purpose of “education” anywhere is more and forward and freedom, not less and backward in a box:

Your parents seem to suffer from an anti-intellectualism that is sadly common and widespread in America. Their upbringing Read the rest of this entry »

Which Vulnerability Do You Feel Most Keenly?

9 09 2010

“This is a battle over which vulnerability you feel more keenly,” he said.

Yikes, these words could apply to SO many aspects of current American life! Talk about Power of Story. Everything all at the same time even. Maybe challenge yourself and guess which, before you click through to see.

Have you stopped to really sort out which vulnerability YOU feel most keenly these days, and how that feeling is affecting your thinking? (I do this a lot because it keeps changing, hmmm. . .)