What If I Can’t Make It To D.C.

17 09 2010

for the  Rally to Restore Sanity?

Will there be local rallies? Or is that too radical?

Our normal rallies consist of ten teachers standing on the big bridge demanding sanity. Maybe I could get them to. . . nah. . .

And, sad to say, many of my neighbors might prefer the March to Keep Fear Alive.

But, on the upside, no matter how many people show up, Jon Stewart can apparently claim whatever turnout he wants!

Remember Balloon Boy? I Think This Is Worse

17 09 2010

Remember the balloon boy hoax where he wasn’t really hurt?

Today it turns out this was a hoax too — so Jesus didn’t really tell her to buy those sunglasses to protect her eyes from the acid he planned for a black stranger to throw in her face?

Hmmm. Is the story supposed to make more sense this way then? Guess he just planned for her to actually burn herself with acid, for her and her parents to lie about it, eat up police resources investigating their hoax, get on tv to praise the miracle and forgive the stranger (to his glory) and then be exposed instead. Helluva way to run a religion.

discrepancies that Schuman said “didn’t add up” . . .the splash patterns on her face and the fact Storro was wearing sunglasses at 7:40 p.m. Griffith also reported that two members of the homeless community told him “Storro was clearly alone when she dropped to the ground screaming.”

But was she REALLY alone or was Someone watching her play it out?