What’s in the Name Lucifer — Nothing Good

23 09 2010

I learned something interesting today. I don’t worship Lucifer! Whew.

Nance doesn’t either btw, however much she may enjoy pretending or however often she’s accused of same. (Wanna know how I know? Glad you asked!)

Jerome Corsi wants the President of the United States to renounce Lucifer. So I went a-reading in Google Scholar.

This Baptist reverend doctor’s pdf on Lucifer for the UK Bible Society persuades me that Nance and I and the President too, renounce Lucifer every time we manage to do good for someone else rather than merely doing well for ourselves.

The good reverend doctor describes “Lucifer” as nothing more supernaturally evil than the absence of good:

Humans are now imprisoned within a power of darkness of their own making, but beyond their control. It takes actual form in a variety of unpredictable ways: in distortions of people’s mental and spiritual health, in the fracturing of their inner selves, in their imprisonment within addictions and compulsions, in the breakdown of wholesome relations, in institutional systems of power and domination, in the inequities between nations, in dehumanising ideologies and false religion.

The symptoms don’t fit the President. Corsi and his distorted, fractured, dehumanizing and falsely religious ilk OTOH, really might need to be asked whether they’re willing to renounce “the absence of good” in their own lives . . .

I once beat around Lucifer’s bush burning on John McCain’s porch:

this evangelical meme about a Christian god ordaining and constituting our government isn’t harmless, and it doesn’t put “Country” first. It doesn’t even put Americans as people first, much less our government.

And John, since you and everyone who speaks on your behalf keep bringing it up, let’s talk straight about it. The ideological Christian control meme now active in government power isn’t just about controlling government but lives and minds and bodies. Indoctrination, thought control, censorship. Captivity, yes, and even torture.

and then just the other day, I much more pointedly asked about any good Christine O’Donnell might be doing, remember?

What counts is what you DO, who and what you live and work FOR rather than against, who and what you take responsibility FOR and what results you get. Is the world more heaven and less hell because you’re in it, or vice versa? People notice the difference sooner or later, you know. . .

What good has she done in 41 years of life, and if the answer is not much or that doing good doesn’t matter, that’s the absence of good and her own professed faith defines that as serving Lucifer, if I understand the reverend scholar correctly. Carefree picnics on Satan’s altar with a side of blood indeed.

There is more than one way to channel anger. Yes, you can demonize and divide and scapegoat. But anger can also be harnessed and redirected — the energy behind it used to connect, to reach out, to take action, to make life better both for your family and for others who need help. And there are tens of thousands across America doing just that.



4 responses

23 09 2010
Daryl Cobranchi

That Bishop in ATL may have been worshiping Satan for a looooong time.

23 09 2010
Daryl Cobranchi

Errr, “Lucifer.”

23 09 2010

Good idea — if we’re ginning up a grassroots campaign to demand any individual we target must publicly renounce Lucifer, that guy would be way high on my list.

23 09 2010
Nance Confer

I hereby renounce Lucifer. And all other make-believe entities. (I only wish some Rs fell into that category.)

Except for the ones involving chocolate, of course. 🙂

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