Living in Hope That Deafness Is Reversible

25 09 2010

Friendly, fearless cock of the snook for this to veteran homeschool mom, military wife and NHEN board member Sue Patterson, who linked it on her FaceBook page from an indeterminable creator who doesn’t seem to be marketing it:

See also “Amplifying our differences as schlocky political theatre.” Maybe I was brilliantly prescient nearly five years ago? — or just out of step as usual. 😉

“The musical has creatively adapted to amplification. But in doing so the art form has diminished, or at least become something different.”

Education too, is more conducive to smaller theaters where words really matter. Public policy debate too, is distorted when pitched beyond human reason and scale, playing to huge faceless audiences fighting just to get inside, never mind down front.

Our civic art forms and collective wisdom have been distorted and diminished, and those of us old enough to remember a time when civil discourse fell not on deaf ears, seldom go out to the theatre any more.

I could have designed this poster myself. Remember my six-word reason to vote for hope and change last time around:

of Being



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25 09 2010
Daryl Cobranchi

Deafness may be reversible. Stupidity is not.

25 09 2010

Like this for instance? 😉

26 09 2010

These posts remind me of something that Jerry Seinfeld has said: “Profanity is a great shortcut of comedy and the reason I don’t use it is that I am concerned about the joke quality suffering.” Maybe screaming is like cursing. A short-cut for those without any original ideas to offer.

27 09 2010

Good point, Lynn.

Tonight I saw this, after hearing Gov. Christie running down teachers and especially teacher unions:

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz railed against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Friday night, urging him to “calm down” and calling him a “cold-hearted fat slob” in the process.

Schultz took exception with Christie’s political style, saying that he “throws his weight around” and is a “big bully” who often shouts and yells at his constituents or opponents before claiming the moral high ground to shut down discussion. . .

Of course, Mr. Schultz too, is a large man with a loud delivery and imposing demeanor . . .pot and kettle (drum) maybe?

29 09 2010

Tea & Crackers: How corporate interests and Republican insiders built the Tea Party monster:

{T]he Tea Party’s political outrage is being appropriated, with thanks, by the Goldmans and the BPs of the world. The good news, if you want to look at it that way, is that those interests mostly have us by the balls anyway, no matter who wins on Election Day.

That’s the reality; the rest of this is just noise. It’s just that it’s a lot of noise, and there’s no telling when it’s ever going to end.

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