Driving Out of Hell

27 09 2010

Three people came to Snook today, searching with that phrase. I give up — couldn’t find anything here Googling that.




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28 09 2010

Google works in mysterious ways…sort of a deity 🙂

28 09 2010

True. Nobody’s ever actually SEEN the Google God but we believe it exists. 😉

I could maybe understand better Snook popping up, if the phrase had been “driving into hell” instead . . .

28 09 2010

Hmmm. I just tried pasting “Driving Out of Hell” into Snook’s search box — reverse engineering? — and got an eclectic handful of posts ranging from Sarah Palin to Wonder Bread and Twinkies.

15 10 2010
Crimson Wife

Isn’t that a line from a popular country music song? Something about if you keep on going, you might get out before the Devil even knows you’re there…

15 10 2010

Is it?

Despite living my life in the South, country music is a wasteland of twenty-gallon twang to me, of which I freely admit ignorance. I seldom even hear snatches of it much less know what I’m hearing when I do. It sounds plausible though, that country music is what was being searched for.

But that can’t explain how they wind up here where we’ve got no country music? Unlike Lynn’s horse smegma searchers — ha, she’ll never live that down! — who actually found that phrase used at her blog.

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