Tomorrow’s the Day

18 09 2010

. . .to talk like a pirate (no, not a pirate on Wall Street like Gordon Gekko but a hi-storied buccaneer.)

The man who got “an ethical bypass at birth” and who famously believed “Greed is good” is back. All who could not get enough of Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street (1987) can look forward to the sequel, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” opening worldwide on September 24. . . a heady mix of high finance, testosterone and drama.

Buying In and Getting Sold Out by Church, State, Corporate Marketing

18 09 2010

Today seemed a good time to replay this comment from a discussion about how we buy into Rules and Authority, and get sold out in the process:

Well, I for one appreciate the connection Nance and Son are making for me, between Church marketing (evangelism), movie marketing (we’ll never forget that Jaws poster and musical theme), product marketing (tv commercials) and R- party marketing (politics.)

And don’t forget that wicked university credit card marketing scheme, so slyly using sports team branding and the trust we all help instill in our kids for school, and especially higher education, as intellectually worthy of them — yes, I’m still hot about that!

So the common theme — thanks for playing, Jim! — connecting all of these, is how vital a part of real education it is, that we educate our kids about their own human thinking and how it works, so they can see through such amygdala-driven seductions and indentures. Nance and Son give me hope in REAL education and enlightenment, the kind that helps kids think critically no matter which Humbug Oz-Head is behind the curtain, belching smoke in their eyes until Fear and Longing can deliver them up as supplicants before the Foreign Altar . . .
(Talk about scary movies! That was my own first total surrender to movie manipulation, when I was about four.)

“Hopefully Someday You’ll Have a Teenager”

18 09 2010

Via Pam Sorooshian who, just as Nance and I have done, learned from personal experience how wonderful teenagers can be.

The choice is, of course, yours:

Hopefully some day you will have a teenager. Hopefully some day you will enjoy having a teenager. The choice is yours.

Do you want to spend the years arguing with your child or do you want to spend them enjoying your life together? When your child is a young adult do you want them to spend as much time as possible away from you, counting the months until they can move out and have a life of their own? The choice is yours.

You can spend your time and energy trying to get your child to live life according to your expectations of who they will be and how they will behave and what they will do, or you can Read the rest of this entry »

School for Hackers: DIY Takes Education By Storm

18 09 2010

When a kid builds a model rocket, or a kite, or a birdhouse, she not only picks up math, physics, and chemistry along the way, she also develops her creativity, resourcefulness, planning abilities, curiosity, and engagement with the world around her. But since these things can’t be measured on a standardized test, schools no longer focus on them.

Building your own education with stuff you find around the house is so cool it’s red-white-and-blue hot. And despite public stereotype you needn’t be a holy/wholly homeschooling homesteader to learn out of school. Read the rest of this entry »

What If I Can’t Make It To D.C.

17 09 2010

for the  Rally to Restore Sanity?

Will there be local rallies? Or is that too radical?

Our normal rallies consist of ten teachers standing on the big bridge demanding sanity. Maybe I could get them to. . . nah. . .

And, sad to say, many of my neighbors might prefer the March to Keep Fear Alive.

But, on the upside, no matter how many people show up, Jon Stewart can apparently claim whatever turnout he wants!

Remember Balloon Boy? I Think This Is Worse

17 09 2010

Remember the balloon boy hoax where he wasn’t really hurt?

Today it turns out this was a hoax too — so Jesus didn’t really tell her to buy those sunglasses to protect her eyes from the acid he planned for a black stranger to throw in her face?

Hmmm. Is the story supposed to make more sense this way then? Guess he just planned for her to actually burn herself with acid, for her and her parents to lie about it, eat up police resources investigating their hoax, get on tv to praise the miracle and forgive the stranger (to his glory) and then be exposed instead. Helluva way to run a religion.

discrepancies that Schuman said “didn’t add up” . . .the splash patterns on her face and the fact Storro was wearing sunglasses at 7:40 p.m. Griffith also reported that two members of the homeless community told him “Storro was clearly alone when she dropped to the ground screaming.”

But was she REALLY alone or was Someone watching her play it out?

Women of the TEA Party

16 09 2010

UPDATE: Christine “I dabbled in witchcraft” O’Donnell

From a (female) Cornell psychology professor: Who are they and what do they want? If they take America away from the rest of us, what will they do with it and will there be enough of it to share with the whole class?

JJ’s approach would be to compare their supposedly family-friendly advocacy with Teresa Heinz Kerry’s work for a healthier planet and for healthier women and children and families, living healthier lives upon it.

See also Natural Parent Power Kind to Climate, Children, Women Too.

Yes, Sarah Palin and all your grizzly pit-bullies, I’m talking to you. What counts is what you DO, who and what you live and work FOR rather than against, who and what you take responsibility FOR and what results you get. Is the world more heaven and less hell because you’re in it, or vice versa? People notice the difference sooner or later, you know:

As a young Methodist once upon a time, I remember deciding that heaven and hell described the state of mind each of us lived out in real time on earth, created by who I became, how I lived and why.

We can read heaven and hell into everything from the daily news to married life; in both journalism and marriage counseling, for example, what counts is what’s done, not just the words — of position, prescription, praise or promise — but their meaning manifest in reality, what’s behind the words, the circumstance and change described and delivered.

Show, don’t tell.

Whether in preaching or politics, inspiration literally means a new spirit goes “in” and becomes part of who you are, that you are affected and the totality that is “you” changes somehow that makes an outer difference for others. I suppose all presidents inspire the people and thereby change the nation’s reality but some presidents including the present one — hey, does the word president share a root with present? — inspire us to healthier change than others!