BBC’s Katty Kay Knows Joes

6 10 2010



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6 10 2010

Couple of random thoughts:

1) I got called by AG Research today with a FL political poll, which was interesting because I always wondered who was getting called when it wasn’t me or anyone I knew . . .

2) about the FL Senate race between Crist, Rubio and Meek, today I heard cable chatter that the Dems needed Meek in play to bring out African-American voters for other races including Governor (between Sink and Scott) where Dems actually had a shot, so it was better not to give into Crist’s argument. I guess it makes some sense, and governor matters more in a legislative redistricting year when a Dem could veto the R legislature’s gerrymandering and thereby reduce R dominance of last gee, 20 years?? Seems like forever.

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