FavD’s Musical Opens Tomorrow Night

7 10 2010

It’s The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Meredith Ross is Olive Ostrovsky!

(credit to official TALC photographer Ray Colletti)

Everything she needed to know, she learned in musical theatre . . . her last show was connected more to her unschooling Europe adventures, I thought. But this one is about unschooling life itself, how valuable that can be even for thoroughly schooled kids. In the end, isn’t it always the unschooled and ideally musical power of story learning, about who you are and how to live, that really matters?

P.S. Aaaahhhhh! Young Son just walked through the kitchen where I was posting and said, cool, her number is 42! Huh? — and then I shrieked. Of course! We’ve all read Douglas Adams. Talk about Power of Story!

I bet they got to pick their own numbers, Young Son says. No, I don’t think so — you just noticed something I didn’t, and I doubt they did either, not even your sister in the middle of all that goes into producing a musical. Let’s go see, he said. And so we shall. I’ll let you know. 😉