New Storyline in Politics Is a Real Whopper

13 10 2010

Power of story IS the story, or ought to be, because it’s also the real power. It can cost a candidate everything to buy it and it can also cost a candidate everything not to buy it.

Across the fruited plain, the true power of story in American politics everywhere is money: who’s got enough to be whoever they may want to be next, while the rest of us worry about how we can continue to “be” at all. The prevailing power of story in homeschool politics used to be “follow the money” but that’s something I don’t hear anymore, not since the Rs were voted out in ’06.

Bought and Paid-for Power of Story Rewrites the Rich as Just Regular Folks:

For [multimillionaire wrestling exec] McMahon, “this is creation of narrative. Her life right now has nothing to do with the lives of people working in call centers or people on shop floors . . .But your goal is to make it appear you can identify with them.”

McMahon. . . assured the young man she was only pretending.
“Sometimes you’ve got to make it look good,” she said, chuckling.



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14 10 2010

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