Celebrating Power of Story in Books & Movies

25 10 2010

I was just poking around the PBS site because of the new Sherlock Holmes series that started airing last night.

Young Son is a huge fan of everything Holmesian and he’s put together a Sherlock Holmes costume for this Halloween (last year he was Inspector Javert from Les Miserables but that was more about the singing than the detecting, I think) — point being, they are both book characters. As I always say, our unschooling is mostly “power of story” and seeing the same characters and story in different interpretations is an important part of the learning and fun.

The website has a short video of the new young Holmes, who said it was on record that Holmes is the single most often re-interpreted literary character.

The exhibition items have not changed since they were first installed, and are now complemented by an interesting and nostalgic collection of television and film stills, featuring the famous actors who have played the Great Detective and his trusty sidekick, Watson, down the years.

I can’t vouch for Holmes holding the record, but it was interesting and while I was waiting for Young Son to wake up so I could show him, I was thinking we sort of have our own book club mentality around here, not formalized of course, but that’s what we talk about and how we have fun.

Anyway, all that led me to this and I thought I’d share —

Creating and Managing a Masterpiece Book & Film Club
Book Group Resources/

Btw, you can watch the whole first episode online at the website for a limited time, in case you missed it last night.

How about your kids? Even very young ones can notice cross-media reinterpretations and remakes of their favorites . . .this time of year for example, the Nutcracker comes to mind.

Over many Christmases we’ve accumulated at least ten different Nutcracker books, in which the heroine is sometimes named Clara and sometimes Marie; a mini-book advent calendar with a couple of sentences of the story in each, and a little red string to hang each on the tree in turn; various decorations and ornaments both comic and classic of Clara, the Nutcracker, the Mouse King, and Herr Drosselmeyer. I don’t know how many movie versions! And two Christmases ago I posted this . . .



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25 10 2010

Many years ago…I’m introducing Breck to Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time.

Him. “Hey Indiana Jones looks familiar.”
Me: “Really?”
Him: “That’s Han Solo!”

I think that was the first moment he realized actors played more than one part.

25 10 2010

Good story!

It makes me feel old though. When I saw the original Star Wars (in the theatre, late 70s, right?) my thought upon seeing Han Solo was, oh, it’s the drag racer from American Graffiti, and the gum-chewing girl kept saying about him, “Ain’t he neat?”. . . btw I saw him in a new movie trailer the other day looking very long in the tooth. 😉

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