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25 10 2010

And I may post this every day between now and the election, because it captures so much of what’s really happening:

“Rove is the past master of directing populist resentment against government and away from corporate business.”
Howard Fineman



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26 10 2010

And maybe I will post this every day between now and the election because it captures so much of what’s really happening:

“Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us and now we’re discovering we work for Fox.”
David Frum

27 10 2010

And FOX has all of America’s money that didn’t go to oil conglomerates, insurance companies, mortgage speculators and war privateers . . . so if you’re gonna work for anybody, it’s likely to be a corporate “person” of ill repute.

27 10 2010

Rally for Sanity Saturday, in person as the real person and human being you are (unlike the SCOTUS Inc knock-off of personhood) and whether you can only get there in mind and spirit or physically, too.

Howard Fineman on Restoring Sanity as the only hope left to change the descent:

For a host of reasons — some valid, some cynical — we are in a season in which we refuse to accept the humanity of the people we oppose.

Why? Well, the political parties and their leaders want to hold onto or acquire power. Corporations and unions want to hold onto their economic prerogatives. Ideologues want their views confirmed. Consultants want to make money. The media wants headlines.

Where is the rational discussion of the country’s future? Where is the earnestness, the specificity or the disinterested (though not UNinterested) patriotism in the name of all of America?

Probably not at Jon Stewart’s rally. But at least he’s headed in the right direction.

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