Hey Hey Hey Bye Bayh

4 11 2010

Glenn Greenwald just as he said it, because he said it just as it is:

. . . in The New York Times today, one finds the spectacle of Evan Bayh — who gave up his Senate seat to a Republican while he frolicks around in the millions of dollars his wife receives from the health care industry — demanding massive entitlement cuts for the poor and freezes on the pay for government workers, while also blaming the Democratic loss on the alleged fact that “we were too deferential to our most zealous supporters.”

Is he referring there to the escalation in the war in Afghanistan, the massive increase in civilian-slaughtering drone attacks, the virtually wholesale embrace of the Bush/Cheney civil liberties architecture, the defense of Don’t-Ask/Don’t-Tell and DOMA, the multi-billion-dollar bailout of Wall Street, the failure to stem the tide of the foreclosure crisis, or the elimination of the public option?

Apparently, the lesson Evan Bayh — and most pundits — took from last night’s results, and which they want the Party to learn, is that if only Democrats had suppressed the enthusiasm of their base just a little more, they would have won.

[Won what btw? Who needs to win? They all already make us poor and each other rich in or out of office.]