Because JJ’s a Sucker for Royals, Weddings and English Accents

16 11 2010

Breaking news! You saw it here first!



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16 11 2010

Think Thinking Parents can use this to motivate higher education? 😉

She was privately educated at Marlborough College and first came to public attention in 2002 when she was identified as one of three friends with whom William was to share a house while studying at St Andrews.

She is credited with persuading the Prince to continue his studies when he considered quitting as he struggled to adjust to university life during his first year.

16 11 2010

Btw, St. Andrews Day is November 30. Break out the bagpipes, this one should be quite a celebration!

16 11 2010

Wikipedia says he is the highest-educated British royal ever:

. . .he embarked on a degree course in art history, later changing his main subject to geography, and going on to earn a Scottish Master of Arts degree with upper second class honours in geography – the highest honours of any heir to the British and other Commonwealth realms’ thrones.

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