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23 11 2010


. . .while actual Americans struggle on with what little we have left. And the only industry that has never been in recession: going on cable television and blaming the other guys.




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23 11 2010
Nance Confer

Aren’t you missing some letters from that headline? Some Ws, some Rs, . . .

24 11 2010


It’s the sheer nerve of it that stuns me more than anything.

24 11 2010

Piggy Bank Morality:

Funny, isn’t it? People who think it’s immoral to walk away from an underwater mortgage are encouraging the government to welsh on a loan from the American people. They keep preaching about “thrift” even as their fingers drive deeper into working America’s piggy bank.

We keep hearing that Social Security is “broke,” thanks to the well-funded efforts of folks like these. But the Trust Fund currently holds a $2.6 trillion surplus, and it’s expected to rise to $4.2 trillion by 2025. That’s a lot of money set aside for people’s retirement — money some people would rather see used for other purposes, like paying for the spending spree of the last ten years or underwriting tax breaks for the well-to-do.

24 11 2010

Thinking Parents might want to think a lot about what this really means:

Is this real? — experience one of the most beloved stories of all time like you’ve never dreamt it before.”

It is the Nutcracker for our times, more dystopic holiday movie-imitating-life in our real post-9-11 world where for their own private profit, corrupt investors cloaked in government power and lusting for more, force TSA violations excruciating in their intimate impersonality, on long lines of children and grannies carrying Christmas toys:

Nathan Lane channeling Einstein in a fright wig and a frightening Viennese accent, sings a ditty called “It’s All Relative” to the tune of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. . . a new story, set in a candy-cane early-20th-century Vienna, which begins with a young brother and sister, a big Christmas tree and a magical nutcracker before veering into a full-blown Nazi allegory with goose-stepping rats in steel helmets.

Things become even more oddly unfestive when we see shuffling lines of people forced to throw their children’s toys into huge piles on the street, an image clearly meant to evoke the Holocaust.

24 11 2010
24 11 2010

When Reagan talked about trickle down what he really meant was the corporations would be pissing on us. Maybe Reagan had prostate issues?

24 11 2010


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