Bah, Humbug!

1 12 2010

Here’s what Young Son and I have been busy with, for him too busy to finish Dracula so he can start on Julius Caesar and for me, too busy to blog much lately.

(At least it’s Christmasy!)

Scrooge: the Musical at Quincy Music Theatre



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2 12 2010

We’ll be needing both stills and video, of course.

2 12 2010

Be careful what you wish for, Little Girl! 😉

2 12 2010

Not to spoil the magic and maybe it’s not cool (don’t talk about Fight Club outside of Fight Club!) but I had a terrible time with the mechanics of my special holly laurel headpiece at dress rehearsal last night. Wardrobe fail leading to Actor Fail! Completely disarmed me, as in emptying every line from my head . . .

4 12 2010

We opened last night to an enthusiastic audience and it was rather glorious. 😀

8 12 2010

This relates, sort of, and I just liked it:

I once created a ritual around Howard Thurman’s famous poem “I Will Light Candles This Christmas,” which is a poem that can help us deal with the problematic this time of year, regardless of whether we “believe” in Christmas or not.

Yes, Virginia, the hope of this season has to do with finding light in the darkness, be it in the nooks and crannnies of our own small thinking or the endless right/wrong finger-pointing around the planet.

When I came across Thurman’s poem some years back, I was struggling with someone I knew who would have made Ebenezer appear lightweight by comparison. So I created a ritual using seven candles. With each reading of a Thurman line, I would light a candle.

Over time, by rerouting focus back to joy, hope, courage, space, grace and love the whole year long, I no longer allowed my own Ebenezer to ruin our holidays.

14 12 2010
JJ is Christmas Present, Young Son is Fezziwig! « Cocking A Snook!

[…] (write Lynn if you’re cross!) was silly enough to demand pictures of Scrooge:the Musical, so . . […]

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