What’s in the Word “Deficit?”

9 12 2010

From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “Critics Still Wrong on What’s Driving Deficits in Coming Years”

And please note, none of this was a surprise unknown during complete GOP control of government in the Bush years:

[The Congressional Budget Office] warned that the nation’s long-term fiscal health was worrisome. The Bush Administration and Congress nevertheless opted to ignore these warnings and to cut taxes deeply, establish a Medicare drug benefit without covering its costs, and fight two wars on borrowed money.



3 responses

9 12 2010

FOX “news” emails on what’s in the words “public option” versus “government-run”

HuffPost on what’s in the word “hostage”

(counterpoint: Jon Stewart mocks use of the word hostage)

9 12 2010

Just found your blog – I’m enjoying reading your archives 🙂

This mantra of conservatives being ‘good with budgets’ – gad, when will people stop believing it???!!!! Up here in Canada, the federal Conservatives burst on the scene with grand plans & have given us the largest deficits EVER. The did the obvious: cut taxes & then increase spending & wham! Record deficits. But the cons still talk about how the ‘left’ is so irresponsible with public funds….. What is up with that???? And why do people keep falling for it? Is it a case of ‘repeat it often enough & people will believe it’?

9 12 2010

Hey Hornblower, good to see you again, JJ here.

You know I was reading and recommending the HMS Indefatigable years ago, right? 😉

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