JJ is Christmas Present, Young Son is Fezziwig!

14 12 2010

Someone (write Lynn if you’re cross!) was silly enough to demand pictures of Scrooge:the Musical, so . . .



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14 12 2010
Meg L.

Love it!

14 12 2010

Thanks Meg. 😀
And thanks for this link too, because it explains a lot about how I see Christmas.

15 12 2010

Oh, thank you for remembering. 😀

You and Young Son make a festive pair! Love the cast photo, too.

15 12 2010

What’s special about these two photos imo, is that they were taken in the middle of the final performance, during intermission right behind the closed curtain. At that moment we weren’t merely in the dressing room which isn’t anything like Victorian England, or rehearsing for our new roles. We were fully “present” (me especially!) and It was as real as it gets. With the added fillip that not only was it in full swing but already about to end so a less certain future could commence, like graduation.

So there’s maximum spark, the flame of character burning bright for real. Most of my cheeky rosiness in that moment was from inhabiting that moment, not from too much blush. Same for the twinkle in the eye and Young Son’s wide smile (he was a charmingly happy Young Fezziwig.)

We were posing though, as ourselves. A video of the performance was made and I might be able to pull stills from that, but “JJ” won’t be consciously “present” as Present in those shots. These are the only pictures in which for a moment, we were uniquely both our characters and ourselves and we knew it and were reveling in it.

IOW take wedding pictures but don’t FAKE wedding pictures! I’m appalled by the trend of setting up just-married bride and groom photos before the wedding instead of after. It’s completely different psychology in the two moments and it matters! I wonder if it doesn’t matter most of all to the featured players themselves, who will forever remember the wrong moment looking at that portrait.

16 12 2010
Nance Confer

Thanks for sharing — it looks like everyone had fun — even the kids. 🙂

16 12 2010

Again, probably like being in a wedding: fun AND frustrating; exciting AND scary; uplifting and degrading in turn . . .or parenthood! 😉

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