Ideas of 2010: Happy Thinking!

17 12 2010

Better than shopping or Christmas punch for holiday stimulation. . .

Think of fashion constrained by public dress codes for example, as Snook often does over t-shirts, kilts and serious hats.

This collection offers all sorts of ideas to unwrap, everything from the Armored T-Shirt and the Bra Gas Mask to End-of-Men Fashion and the Raw Meat Dress. (Oh, not to give, um, short shrift? — to the Small-Enough Youth Condom and Performance-Enhancing Basketball Shoes!)

For the 10th consecutive December, the magazine has chosen to look back on the past year through a distinctive prism: ideas.

Our digest of short entries refracts the light beam of human inspiration, breaking it up into its constituent colors — innovations and insights from a spectrum of fields, including economics, biology, engineering, medicine, literature, sports, music and, of course, raw-meat clothing.

Happy thinking!

Maybe the expressive antics themselves are enough to ponder without delving into what ideas they represent, a thought suggested by the magazine quoting Andy Warhol.

Or maybe these ideas are best contemplated not individually but as one panoramic whole, power of story like A Christmas Carol forcing us to face how we got here, where we are and where we’re heading, unless we somehow wake up sufficiently to change our future and fast?

And just where is that, would the piece have us think?

. . .”exaggerated to the point of cartoonishness”



4 responses

17 12 2010

No worries. If it’s really true that social conservatives have won a cultural mandate to take the country back, I’m sure they’ll tell us how to dress. (I’d stay and discuss but I’m off to buy stock in companies that mass produce denim jumpers and modest swimwear.)

17 12 2010


“Take the country back” btw, is one of those fraught phrases brimming with power of story. Take us back 100 years at least, maybe twice that or more, is what it means.

17 12 2010

Funny you should mention that; just this week, I got this update from Andy Borowitz:

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – The Borowitz Report has named Sarah Palin its Person of the Year.

And the year is 1641.

Happy Holidays from The Borowitz Report.

18 12 2010

I took Young Son to our pediatric dentist Thursday (he’s almost too old but they haven’t graduated him quite yet) and thumbed through a waiting-room “Discover” issue on early American holidays. The illustrated section on Puritans banning Christmas was fun.

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