School House Rock Smarter Than Tea Party?

6 01 2011

Cock of the snook to the brilliant Dr. Rachel Maddow and thank what’s left of the American people’s common sense for the common good, that we elected a constitutional scholar as president for these raving lunatic times:

So to quote Dr. Maddow, let’s get the Constitution-reading Party started!



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6 01 2011

Along with editing out Twain’s use of the n-word 219 times from Huck Finn in favor of the word “slave”, posturing Congressional constitution-worshippers will further improve IT when reading it aloud, and leave out bits (including the word slave) they’d prefer not to have to mention, much less have to reconcile with their literalist, strict construction claims a la Scalia’s latest:

when Justice Scalia says there is no protection against gender discrimination in the Constitution, it’s harder to object. When Scalia implies that it might just be all men who are created equal, he doesn’t add, “leave this to the boys, sweetcakes.”

But it’s there.

7 01 2011
8 01 2011
Nance Confer

Oh, JJ, you silly goose. Doncha know, if you are a rich white guy, the Constitution can say and mean anything you want it to. And then you claim that was the original intent of the writers. All those rich white guys are psychically connected, you know.


9 01 2011

If you delete ‘School House” you are left with ‘Rock smarter than tea party.”

And it still makes perfect sense 🙂

9 01 2011

I like it! 😀

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