Unschooling Lion in Winter: Deb Lewis Is Classic

14 01 2011

Chilly cock of the snook to one of the two unschooling yahoolists I still actively enjoy, where I was reminded of Sandra Dodd dot com having EVERYTHING. It’s been so cold even in Florida this winter, that I thought it was a good time to highlight this.

(I don’t know how old the list, is but if I were updating it now I personally would add something new to us this winter, something fun for which I’m thanking the FSM while the light is thin and it’s stuck at freezing outside: Netflix!)

Deb Lewis’s List of Things to Do in the Winter:

I have found so many interesting things to do around our little town just by talking with people and asking questions. . .

The man who runs the local green house lets us help transplant seedlings. He grows worms too, and lets Dylan dig around in the worm beds.

The guy who works at the newspaper speaks Chinese and draws cartoons. He’s given Dylan lots of pointers about where to get good paper and story boards, etc.

The old guy at the antique shop was a college professor and is a huge Montana History buff; whenever Dylan has questions, we go browse the antiques.

The lady at the flower shop keeps birds and lets Dylan hold them when we visit.

The mayor builds stock cars. He sometimes drives them to work. . .

Or do what we’re doing and stay inside with movie marathons. This winter it is Jimmy Stewart and Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes and Alfred Hitchcock and Fawlty Towers. (Last night we started on Fry & Laurie.) Shakespearian actors doing all sorts of classics Shakespeare and otherwise — Patrick Stewart for example– and yes, we do literally keep Lion in Winter in the instant queue. 😉

Also we’re playing so much Scrabble day and night, that we just leave the game set up all the time — on a pub table for four, nearest the fireplace! Come to think of it, it’s a two-sided fireplace and the closest thing on the other side of it is the big television hooked to Netflix.

Hmmm, so I guess my winter unschooling advisory this year would be short — do whatever you can imagine, as long as it’s done within ten feet of your hearth at home! 😀

Schoolwork seems to combine the flashy-fake symbolic show of cool and clean-control gas fires, with the bootstrap blessing of endured inevitability as virtue, like woodfires in that old Blue Ridge Mountain cabin — an awful lot of work all day every day, only to get up and repeat it all the next day, and the next, world without end amen.

Like a cross between the worst of my grandmother’s family fire and mine, both inevitable and irrelevant? I think I’d rather combine the BEST from the two experiences instead . . . dozing off now . . .



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